Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

I figured I would take some time while I am laid up to discuss some of the products that I like. I have mentioned before that I love the Blueberry Roctane GU!! That stuff is awesome. I also recently bought a bulk bottle of Hammer Tropical and a few handheld bottles to carry along the run. My shoe of choice is the Nike Pegasus. I think I am up to about 4 pair in the last year and a half. They teamed up with Livestrong to create a trail version of the shoe as well! I do get to save some money on shirts by wearing the "Nike Free" running jersey! If I do have to wear a shirt when I run, it's gotta be a tech shirt and Body Glide is a must! The benefits of living in Florida include not wearing a shirt year round. I am partial to the New Balance running shorts that I can usually get on clearance at any race expo. As long as my socks are Dry Fit I am good. But some friends have talked about the finger socks by Injinji. Maybe I will pick up a few pair sometime. Lastly, the day I broke my foot, I had just picked up a tube of Berry NUUN. John Pyle had been so great to provide many of us rookies with NUUN for Ragnar and our other long runs. I have tried the Berry and Orange Ginger. They are both good. My general theory on the GU and NUUN is that I can't really tell what they do but I can tell what my body does if I don't have them, and that is bonk and crash hard. I have made the mistake of not getting enough supplements once or twice and it is hell having to walk more than a mile home after complete shutdown. Not to mention thinking you are gonna trip over cracks. Well I think that's about enough rambling. I hope something here was helpful to someone. (Sidenote: I am more than willing to use any product that someone gives me for free....hint, hint: Nike, NB, GU, NUUN!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Halfway to Recovery

It's been 3 weeks since I got "The Boot." I go back February 15th. I hope to start working out right then. This really sucks not being able to run and train for something. Everyone I know ran the Sarasota Bridge Run yesterday. I am going to volunteer at the Oscar Scherer 50K on Feb. 13th. I am also gonna plan on going to Croom in April and will do whatever distance I am ready for (15M, 50K, 50M). Then it looks like Ancient Oaks will now be my 100M debut in December! I have been bored during this time, but I have also been doing a ton of research on fun races. I am really looking forward to getting going again and get out there with these awesome Ultra people!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I just spent 5 hours in the ER after breaking my left foot. I was just out for an easy 5 miles when I rolled my ankle so hard it exploded. I knew right away that it was broke. I just wasn't sure if bones came thru the skin. I have to follow up with a Specialist on Monday to get the exact details. But this looks like 2500 Miles is out of the question now.....Crap. Not a very cool way to start the New Year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2500 Miles this Year!

I have been giving a lot of thought to this year. I think 2500 miles is a great goal. I have a few races in mind. I plan on doing the Oscar Scherer 50K on February 13. Then my first 50M race will be Crooms 50M on April 3. The plan is to make my 100M debut at the Vermont100 on July 17th, a week after the Utica Boilermaker! Ancient Oaks in December will also be on the calendar! It will take an average of 7+ miles a day to hit 2500, which shouldn't be an issue with all of the long runs in there! Started the year off with a 9 mile run today! Ahead of pace already!