Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bill's Beer Run

Today was the 21st Annual Bill's Beer Run. The legs were feeling great (surprising after 30 miles 2 days ago) but my left foot was really hurting. I think I just beat the crap out of it. Last year here was my first 5 Mile race and I had to pull out a 7:30ish last mile to break 40. This year, considering, I was just gonna pace Andrew Blix to a sub 40 PR for himself. At the turn, I had the urge to take off, and Andrew didn't. So I just went ahead and finished in 37:02, a new PR! Andrew was moving well enough for a PR of 38:42 himself! My first race in the 30-34 AG and I took 7th! Boy am I glad they go 10 deep here! I really am starting to desire short races less and less but I think I will put Bill's on my schedule every year because it is so much fun. BTW, I have had the pleasure of running with "Bill" a few times. Bill Menard is a 2X Badwater Champion and he did mention that he has 1 more time out there in him!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

30th Birthday-30 Miles, Obviously

Well, I turned 30 on Wednesday. I had recently heard about a guy that ran 42 miles to celebrate his 42nd Birthday. I thought that idea would be cool and started talking about it with some friends. Michele Proch turned 22 last week and stole my idea to run 22 last Sunday. I couldn't make it to her birthday party. But she was at mine, as was John Pyle. We set out from the Sarasota YMCA around 6PM last night. We ran out to St. Armands and out onto Long Boat Key. We were really cruisin along around 9:05 pace. We stopped at the 7-11 about 12 miles out to get some Potato Chips and a Rockstar! Then we continued on to our turn point, a marina with bathrooms! Headed back into the 7-11, we "startled" a local vagabond that felt the unresistant urge to inform Michele that the blinking light an her ass was very nice. That kinda creeped us out. Fortunately there were two nice police officers hanging out in the parking lot of 7-11 so we told them about our new friend. They went and had a little chat with him and then we were on our way. The legs did start to tire in the closing miles but we cruised back into the Y in just over 5 hours! Best Birthday Party I have ever had! 31 next year!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Publix Triathlon Series

I would like to take a few moments to document my experience with the Publix Family Fitness Triathlon Series this year. First off, yesterday during the Championship, I used a good bike and got under 30 minutes for 10 miles and then ran a Tri PR of 22:39 in the 5K. That being said, the entire series was a complete disaster. I entered 5 events over the course of the series. Only one of them (Ft. Desoto) went off perfectly. Two of them had the swim cancelled, one had the swim shortened and another had the swim moved from a lake to a pool, as well as shortened. Three of them had problems with the timing, which I applaud them for changing timing companies and the timing was great during the final 2 events. I got to 2 events on Friday night to pick up my packet and they told me I had to pick up my chip on Saturday morning. So what was the purpose of picking up the packet early??? I picked them up early so that I could get a little extra sleep and still had to get there early to get in line for a chip. So I had already decided that I will never enter a Publix Triathlon Event EVER again. That was before I got there yesterday and had a great day. I am now looking forward to when I decide to do another Triathlon (not Publix). To cap it all off, I went to the Best Western at 2 for the awards ceremony because I finished 2nd in my age group over the whole series. There is no one there and the lobby knows nothing about it. So I decide to check the website and see that the awards time and location had been changed to 1. They never said anything or had any signs up during the race. Did they assume that everyone was checking the website while in Transition??? So I storm over to where the awards had just ended and ask someone for my award. They give it to me and I get the hell out of there. When I get home, I am looking at my award. A nice glass trophy, a $25 Publix Gift Card and an expired Gift Certificate for a pair of Crocs. You bet, expired 8/31/.09. Very classy! Boy am I glad to be done with that entire experience. Never again will I ever consider registering for a Publix Series Triathlon/Duathlon event.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back on the Road

I got out for a cool 5 mile run yesterday. Felt fine, no pain or soreness in arm or leg. Also got the shoelace replaced in my left Zoot! Really looking forward to next Saturday and the Publix Series Championship. I think I have 2nd place locked up but I would also like a good showing at the race. With the new bike I am hoping to drop that section by 5 minutes. And I would like to keep the run under 24 min! Total goal is 1:10 and I would be happy!