Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

I figured I would take some time while I am laid up to discuss some of the products that I like. I have mentioned before that I love the Blueberry Roctane GU!! That stuff is awesome. I also recently bought a bulk bottle of Hammer Tropical and a few handheld bottles to carry along the run. My shoe of choice is the Nike Pegasus. I think I am up to about 4 pair in the last year and a half. They teamed up with Livestrong to create a trail version of the shoe as well! I do get to save some money on shirts by wearing the "Nike Free" running jersey! If I do have to wear a shirt when I run, it's gotta be a tech shirt and Body Glide is a must! The benefits of living in Florida include not wearing a shirt year round. I am partial to the New Balance running shorts that I can usually get on clearance at any race expo. As long as my socks are Dry Fit I am good. But some friends have talked about the finger socks by Injinji. Maybe I will pick up a few pair sometime. Lastly, the day I broke my foot, I had just picked up a tube of Berry NUUN. John Pyle had been so great to provide many of us rookies with NUUN for Ragnar and our other long runs. I have tried the Berry and Orange Ginger. They are both good. My general theory on the GU and NUUN is that I can't really tell what they do but I can tell what my body does if I don't have them, and that is bonk and crash hard. I have made the mistake of not getting enough supplements once or twice and it is hell having to walk more than a mile home after complete shutdown. Not to mention thinking you are gonna trip over cracks. Well I think that's about enough rambling. I hope something here was helpful to someone. (Sidenote: I am more than willing to use any product that someone gives me for free....hint, hint: Nike, NB, GU, NUUN!)

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