Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trying to Post More!

Ok, I am really trying to post more often. I missed a couple race reports last year and would like to find the time someday to go back and write a little something on them. The main one was Landsford Canal 50k in South Carolina in July. My good friend Stack was there to volunteer in general and run a few miles with me. With his help, I was able to "RACE" a 50k and it really deserves a write up. Until I get time to do that one, I want to focus on my training and upcoming schedule.
It has been difficult getting into a groove. I am usually getting 5 runs a week but not many are very quality runs and I am struggling to get a real long run in. I keep going out to try and get 15-20 but never seem to get past 10. I am going again this weekend with the same goal out in Alva w/ Jim Rickards. I feel real good about this one! I am glad that my next 3 races are just training runs (MTC 50k, Croom Fools 50M and Wickham Park 50M). I also have some other long runs built into there as well such as pacing Andrew Berster at Iron Horse 100k and Tammie Wonning at the Double Ironman. Just added to the plans over Spring Break is a 24 hour run on Hollywood Beach put on by the man Eric Friedman! This should be 6 ultra distance training runs to prepare me for the main goal this year-Viaduct 100M July 7th in PA. If all goes well, I really want to get back up to UROC and get that buckle that I left up there last year.

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  1. thanks for the shout out and wish I could make the 24 but im sure you'll have fun