Sunday, September 20, 2009

17 Mile Run

In the past month, I have made two new friends, Andrew Blix and John Pyle. I met Andrew at a Triathlon and he suggested that I meet John because we share an interest in ultrarunning. Well I had to pleasure of meeting John on 9/11 as we ran 11 miles out of respect for this great nation. We discussed a long run for this weekend. So this morning we set out from the YMCA in Sarasota at 6 am on what would be an amazing long run and a good time had by all. We followed much of the Grouper Marathon course, passing Marina Jacks and heading out to Ken Thompson Park before going to the end of Lido Key and headed back past Marina Jacks to the Y. The Y wasn't even open when we finished. The time was just over 3 hours including all stops for water and other reasons. I wore a belt w/ two 10 oz. bottles that began the day filled w/ HEED. I added water at each fountain we came by. I also took 2 salt capsules, at miles 8 and 12. Also ate a Blueberry Pomegranate Roctane GU at mile 5, ate a couple Cliff Shots Black Cherry at mile 8 and had a Cliff Mango at mile 13, on the Ringling Bridge coming back in. The Mango Gel sucked but I love the Blueberry GU. On the way home, I stopped and grabbed a Chocolate Milk, Rockstar and 2 Buffalo Chicken Taquitos! My feet are still a little sore but I feel great. This brings the total miles for the week to 44. Not a bad week at all!

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