Wednesday, November 11, 2009

50 Miles-Check!

John Pyle has been planning some all night runs as he trains for his 100M debut at Ancient Oaks. I offered to join him and we planned on Tuesday because I was off school on Wednesday for Veterans Day! We left the Y around 8PM last night, lights already on, pockets full of GU (Blueberry Roctane is my favorite!), and water bottles full! John was awesome and provided the NUUN, cause I am still new about what I need. We cruised out along Long Boat Key, refilling at all of our stops. No real problems at all as we cruised out onto the Anna Maria Pier in 5:15. The site of the skyway bridge at night was just amazing. The trip back was going smooth until we hit Long Boat Key again. We ran into a driving force rain. We put our heads down and actually ran those 3 miles back to the 7-11 in under 27 minutes. We just wanted to get out of the rain. After that, the sky was clear but the legs were like concrete. We slowed a bit to the finish and the total time on our feet was 11:05. All I can say is that was an amazing experience. I am so glad to have met John and that he has taken me under his wing. He his a wealth of knowledge and just a damn awesome guy to hang with.

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