Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon

After a 9 mile test run last Saturday, I registered to run the Hooters to Hooters Half Marathon. The name is kinda deceiving though. The races starts at Hooters and you wonder where the other Hooters is that you are running to, but it is a loop course back to the same one. Details I guess. So my plan was to just see if I had a shot at breaking 2 hours but I would not have been surprised if I was around 2:10 just because my conditioning is not back up yet in only 3 weeks of running. I got out to a good start w/ Terry Deshaies and John Pyle. John was carrying Old Glory as usual. We were just clicking off 8:20 like nothing. We were still on that pace through Mile 7 when we hit the Edison Bridge. They lost me by about 10 yards going up the bridge but I reeling them back in going down. At Mile 8 we turned to come back over the bridge and they pulling in front of my by about 20-30 yards going back over. I couldn't get back to them but I kept them in sight at about 30-40 seconds through mile 11. The last two miles were locked in at a snails pace and I was glad to see the finish. Time was 1:53:46! I ended up losing 3:30 to Terry and John, but that's ok because I broke 2 hours with ease. I am feeling stronger and stronger every day. This is awesome! Up next is Crooms 15 Miler on April 3rd.

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